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Have you ever felt like your Instagram potential is going untapped?
Perhaps you look at others and wonder why their accounts are so much more popular?
Or you pour over images by your favourite iPhone photographers and wonder how on earth they do it?

These are the questions I get asked the most: can you give me any tips? And my answer is always, YES, but we’d need a whole week just to cover the basics!
So, here is that week.
Whether you’re a creative, a company, a blogger or a professional, instagram clout goes a long way to creating buzz, traffic and even revenue when you get the magic formula just right.
If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, create the best images you can and find & engage with your true audience, you’re in the right place.
In 7 days and 7 challenges, you will refine, revamp and reinvigorate your account to create a true reflection of yourself and your online direction. 

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