a handful of confetti (and other wedding spoilers)

Because it’s taking over my life right now, and my secrets are safe with you, right? The thing about a DIY wedding is it’s all details. There’s nothing but details to think about!

Less than a fortnight to go until my pretty dress day! Um, I mean, until I marry my one true love… y’know. ?

1/ Our beautiful, beautiful invites by Tara Spencer. I’m going to have to frame one, they’re so damn pretty.

2/ Making porcelain wedding favours with Sarah Jerath. They’ll be used on the table, then for guests to take home.

3/ Wedding hair trial with Emily Hawkes. My other hair option is this, and I’m totally torn. What should I do?

4/ Real petal confetti from EtsyUK. (Remember when I was going to make all my own? hahah!)

5/ Final wedding dress fitting with Charlotte Wilden. It has a cape, guys. A CAPE.

Tell me the favourite detail from your wedding, or any other last minute advice! (If I can’t achieve it in two weeks, I don’t want to know! ?)