a mindful 2016

Happy twenty-sixteen! No doubt I’ll continue to write 2015 for at least another three or four months yet – some days I still think it’s 1997 – but for context, there it is. 
Last year I leapt into January with a pretty exhaustive list of all the things I needed to slow down, and I kicked a surprising amount of ass. In fact, my whole life has changed a lot since then – so much so that the very last thing I need for 2016 is to give myself a whole new to do list to launch the year.

So, when my friend Sas told me about her My Mindful Year project, I was very excited. This is what I need –  a gentle monthly reminder to be nice to myself, stay sane, and appreciate the good stuff in between all the crap. In the words of Ani Difranco  ‘I don’t always feel lucky, but I’m smart enough to try’. & if there’s anyone I trust to guide me, it’s the ever-sassy Ms Petherick.
Sas & I first met when she signed up for Instagram mentoring (see her beautiful photography? That’s really aaallll credit to me 😉 ). Within the first ten minutes of our chat it became apparent she was extremely awesome,  and as I set about planning our future BFFship & figuring out how I’d get her to introduce herself to you, too. So, without further ado, here she is…

HELLO I AM… Sas Petherick – I’m a coach and I’ve helped hundreds of woman change how they think and feel about their lives.

MY TWITTER BIO READS… big-hearted & bullshit-free cognitive coach, coffee is my spirit animal, fascinated.

WHAT IT DOESN’T SAY IS… that I’m a kiwi – my parents were both from the North East of England, but I was born in a tiny fishing village in the South Island of New Zealand, called Waikouaiti (don’t worry, no one can pronounce it). Because I now live in Berkshire, England (80% tweed) its usually a surprise when people hear my accent.

WE’RE LIKELY TO GET ALONE IF… enjoy the comedic stylings of Catastrophe, are barely suppressing a secret crush on The Imp from Game of Thrones #teamtyrion and aren’t offended by swears. 

MY MINDFUL YEAR IS… an invitation to really notice your own life, join a lovely supportive community on the Instagrams and be in to win some gorgeous goodies each month.

IT ISN’T… a purist approach to mindfulness where you spend 10 minutes tasting a raisin (because that makes me want to self-harm).

IT IS… super easy to participate – each month I’ll send you an email with the theme we’re exploring and fun and pragmatic resources to play with. The monthly themes will serve as prompts for sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #mymindfulyear  It’s also totally free to join and each month there will be a gorgeous theme-related giftbox of goodies up for grabs (I’m partnering with the most talented creative makers to bring you a fabulous dose of loveliness each month #waybetterthanauntflo )

I’M HOPING IT WILL… help you to notice how you show up in your life, and provide some fun and practical nudges for making changes that feel good to you, so that you can think, feel and live on purpose.

The theme for January is restful moments with a free wallpaper by moi with the first email.
You in? Sign up below.


Have you made any resolutions for 2016?

Sas’ call to intentionality is pretty much it for me  – well, that & purging all my clutter, developing a six-figure business & getting a DM on twitter from Mark Hamill.

Same?  Let me know in the comments!