before & after: living room and bedroom makeover

(if you don’t see the image sliders here, give it a moment to load 🙂 )

Living room. I feel like the images speak for themselves here – less is more, white makes spaces bigger and brighter, burgundy… doesn’t really. 
The handrail by the stairs at the back needs to go next, and the awful ceiling spot lights. Anyone got any good recommendations for a place to find great lighting?

So our bedroom warrants a little explanation, I think. It’s a big, vast open-plan space, with the bathroom I shared last time being the only enclosed area. So right now, it’s our bedroom and Orla’s combined, because she’s 4, and wants to spend most of the night in our bed anyway.
At some point the plan is a wall or two, some skylights, maybe a window knocked through… it’s all a little hazy, and I think I need an architect to help me really figure it out. 
(There is another bedroom, but it’s two storeys down – I’ll share that floor in the next one of these posts.)

So this whole space is very unfinished – I’m itching to paint the floorboards white to brighten it up, add more skylights, and switch out the light fittings. So many plans, so little time…

I’m super interested to hear your thoughts. What would you have done with the space? Any brainwaves about what we should do upstairs?