Bloom & Grow
Module 1 Week One - Curiosity
This week we get started by looking at curiosity, and how to spark it in our audience.
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Connect
Unit 3 What counts as 'floral'?
Unit 4 The science of floral photography
Unit 5 Your floral aesthetic
Unit 6 Clickability
Unit 7 This week's challenge
Module 2 Week Two - Surprise
This week we explore styling, planned shots and adding a dash of the unexpected.
Unit 1 The element of surprise
Unit 2 Styled and planned shots
Unit 3 Refining an idea
Unit 4 Flatlay composition & styling tips
Unit 5 An Interview
Unit 6 This week's challenge
Module 3 Week 3 - Personality
This week we'll be creating images with personality, and a human touch.
Unit 1 Portraits for Instagram
Unit 2 portrait photography tips
Unit 3 Your Own Editing Style
Unit 4 an interview
Unit 5 This Week's Challenge
Module 4 Week 4 - Story
Digging into what meaning and significance can be woven into our photography, and how to harness this power.
Unit 1 Visual Storytelling
Unit 2 The Meanings of Flowers
Unit 3 Creativity and constraint
Unit 4 This week's challenge
Unit 5 an interview
Unit 6 Going forward


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