Conversations with Orla

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I love this stage.

Her vocabulary is sophisticated enough to spill all her thoughts out, & it’s fascinating stuff.  Where before I kept a running list of adorable misspoken or invented words, now I find myself tapping entire conversations into my iPhone notes. I can’t bear to forget.

You used to be inside my tummy Orla. Do you remember?
Yes! Can I go back there now?
Um, no. You’re too big now.
Can I try?
No, you won’t fit!
I’ll just try…
No way
I’ll try later
I’ll try with Grandma.

I’m a bit sad Mummy.
Oh no, why?
*thinks* Cheese.

I miss Grandma.
Oh that’s sad. Shall we call her later?
No, I just want to paint her on a bus with my red paint brush.

<strapping her into her seat in my car, after it had been in the garage for 8 weeks following an accident)
Now mummy, don’t do a Big Bang this time, ok?

<on the phone to Grandparents>
Mummy did a poo!
Grandparents: Did she?!
Yes, a poo on the floor, and then it was yuck on her foot
Me: It was CAT SICK!  I stood in some cat sick!


Mummy, we’re best friends.
Yes! Best friends forever.
And Daddy too! All-together best friends!

ooh you’re bossy!
<No response>
<Poke> Who’s bossy?
<No response>
Who’s bossy?
um… Mummy and Orla 


Glasses make me sad inside.



She chose a Peppa Pig magazine with a toy magic wand on the front.

Can I get the magic wand out? Can I have it now?’ 
We unwrap it in the car. She waves & flicks.
‘Ohhh.. it’s not working!’ She starts to cry. I want the magic!’ 
Turns out she really thought the wand would make actual magic. When it didn’t – ‘Daddy frog!’ – she was pretty devastated, and there was nothing I could do to fix it 🙁 

<in a cafe>
‘Where’s my crumpet Mummy?’
you just ate them all up!
no, my crumpet!
they’re all gone! Did you want some more?
NO! My doo-doo-doo-doo! *miming blowing* My TUMPET!
Oh! Trumpet! Oh no….

I felt my heart actually break at this one. She’d been sat so patiently waiting! Such was my guilt, we went and trawled several toy shops to find her a trumpet. Life is SO disappointing when you’re two and a half.


Look Mummy, Despicable Me! I like the onions.


Got any adorableisms to share? I can’t get enough!