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Instagram Photography

“Full of little gems of information that seem so obvious, but I would never have thought of. My following has gone from about 30 to over 6.5k”– Helen.

“Working with Sara was such a relief after putting so much effort into my Instagram feed for so long, and never understanding why I wasn’t getting anywhere.” – Freya

“My average like per post has doubled, I am achieving the followers goal that I set myself for each week and I am getting messages from people with accounts of 30k+ followers enquiring about my products and collaborations. But most importantly I’ve “meet” a lot of lovely people who have helped me along the way and given me more confidence as a maker/designer/instagrammer.” – Alicia

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It’s tough keeping up with hashtags for Instagram, right?
We know they’re great for exposure but they move so fast, and what’s brilliant right now can be oversaturated, spammy and passé by next month.

Which is exactly why I created my hashtag newsletter. Every month, I gather up around 15 of  the newest, funnest or most beautiful hashtags being used in the community, and send them straight to your inbox. I work to track down the original source, and let you know how to use them properly, and what sort of photos to apply them to. ‘Cause I’m nice! Or obsessive. You decide. ?

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