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We live in an age of information. 
Books, podcasts, e-courses, webinars. If there’s something you need to know to run your creative business, the chances are you’ve probably already looked into it – maybe even put time and money into learning how to do it well.

Where we fall down is action. We’re busy, and we’re tired. Pinterest, Instagram, Mailing Lists, Blogging, PR… there are just too many plates to keep spinning, and too many good reasons to procrastinate, get distracted, or just plain old give up.

Despite how it might feel sometimes, you’re not the problem here. And you’re definitely not alone.
In fact, I think ‘to do’ list overwhelm is the most common problem I see amongst clients, students and business friends.

Let’s make 2020 different.

15 Minute Magic is based around daily prompts, sent direct to your phone (meaning they won’t get lost in your cluttered inbox!). Through daily 15 minute challenges, tasks, worksheets and videos, we’re going to move forwards together, as a community, to build consistency, authority and progress in our creative work. Every prompt is carefully chosen to bring maximum impact for minimum time spent, meaning you reach your goals faster, and stop wasting time on the things that don’t matter. 

Just 15 minutes per day of focused progress – then get back to the work that you  love.

I designed this whole program with acheivable action in mind. No long videos or reading assignments – just 15 minutes, wherever you can squeeze it into your day, and you’re done. We’ll be using all the key elements that neuroscience shows help us to really focus – novelty, challenge, visible progress, a deadline with a literal ticking clock – to push past resistance and get straight into taking brilliant leaps of impactful action, on the daily. Get in, do your task, and then get out – no scrolling, no distractions, no lost time.



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