a little tour

So grateful to call this amazing Dream House ours for a lifetime. A few of my favourite reasons…


the front
If you have eyes you should be able to see why. Our front door has a big rough-cut old key and above it, under the creeper, you can just make out the old lettering from when the ground floor was a sweet shop. A sweet shop! I can’t wait to get a better look at the typeface in winter!

the kitchen
The kitchen was one of the first things that sold the house to me, which is funny because I suspect it’s what had put all the other potential buyers off. It’s old and hand built and not at all like modern kitchens; the work top is an old mahogany shop counter, the pantry cupboard is a cabinet from a 1940s co-op. It was dark green & orange pine when we moved in, but in my head it was already bright white & Pinterest-worthy. We’re very nearly there.
There’s a stained-glass window that’s next to go – pretty as it is, I love full spectrum daylight more.


the fire
A real fire has always been on our dream list, and out here on the hills it’s almost a necessity.
Warmth aside, we get to have a woodpile and lovely woodsmoke smells, and a feature for our living room that doesn’t involve a TV screen. Plus, Rory gets to do his caveman thing, which seems important.


the desk
This antique desk is sort of built into a corner of our bedroom. I was really excited to arrange it all lovely and turn it into my workspace (I have a lot of important birthday cards to write and photos to VSCO, alright??) but Orla had other plans, and has totally commandeered it as her colouring-in station. There’s a clever little edge to stop pencils from rolling off & I can leave her there while I wash my hair, so it’s a fair swap. One day I’ll make it beautiful & organised, though.

the window seat
Aka our bedroom window. We had to put the bars up because WHAT IF ORLA BROKE THROUGH the single-glazed glass and fell to the paving below?? It’s fine though, we’ll take them down as soon as she turns 21, and they’re nice to lean on.
One morning we woke up to such heavy mist that it looked like this:


Which leads me to…

that view
Who needs pictures when you have a view like this? It seems to change by the hour sometimes, & Orla likes spotting ‘her’ cows at every opportunity. When they’ve gone to bed she knows it’s time for her to do the same – god I love those cows.

If all this seems a bit idyllic & makes you hate me, remember that it wasn’t always like this for us. Six months ago I looked out on grey concrete and into the windows of our neighbours, and the closest thing to wildlife were the neighbour’s cats digging up our flowerbeds.

PLUS, on the side of the lovely roll-top bath upstairs, there’s a mural of horses emerging from the sea, and I can’t get it off.
Actually, we might have to move… 

{all decent images in this post taken with NX3000 c/o Samsung}