• How do you edit your Instagram pics? What filters do you use?
    I take 99% of my Instagram photos using my iPhone, and do the bulk of my editing for instagram using VSCO. You can read more about my editing process here.
  • What camera do you use for blog photos / videos?
    My blog photos are usually taken with a Canon EOS 750D mark ii. I vlog using a combination of this, my Canon G7x and my iPhone. Keep in mind that it’s not the camera or kit that makes a photo, but the photographer. The best way to improve your pictures is to keep trying!
  • How can I get more Instagram followers/likes/exposure?
    I teach al of my Instagram knowledge in my comprehensive e-course, The Insta Retreat. I also share lots of tips and suggestions on my blogand have a free ebook to help you get started.
  • I’m a small business owner. Can I send you some products to feature?
    Unfortunately I can only guarantee a feature to companies that purchase a sponsored post or image. However, if something is really lovely and I use it in my everyday life, it’s very likely to appear in my posts regardless. If you think your products fit that description, then please do get in touch.
  • Can I email you?
    For sure – just click here and send away! Please be aware that my inbox is usually full to bursting and I can’t always get back to everyone personally, but I do try my best. It’s often quicker to grab me over on Twitter where most of my procrastination happens.