further adventures in cinemagraphs

(if for any reason you don’t see the photographs in this post, hit refresh to reload!)

Hopefully you can see some improvement compared to the first ones I shared. They’re still relatively rushed – the work of minutes, squeezed in between pasta, playing Peppa Pig and panicking about deadlines, but then what’s new? I find work best wihin parameters, anyway! ?


 Lessons learned:

  • As with all other video media, cinemagraphs just work best in landscape. 
  • A tripod is essential; I lost my Guerrilla one for a week until I spied it hanging from the kitchen ceiling! ?
  • You can still use your usual post-production photography software, but it takes a little extra work when blending the movement.

(sneaky little #meandlukeskywalker one – click here for some context!)

The good news is, I’ve already started work on a video tutorial to share the basics. More coming very soon – & did you spot the movement in my Tropicana post?

Have you been inspired to try cinemagraphs yet? 
Seen any movement you want to capture?