Gloom & Glow – welcome

Gloom & Glow
Module 1 Collected elements
Getting off the sofa and finding beauty, whatever the weather
Unit 1 Gloom & Glow - Course Overview
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Gather Together
Unit 4 Embracing the winter months
Unit 5 Whatever the weather
Unit 6 Extra creative: Moving pictures
Unit 7 An Interview
Unit 8 Challenge - Collected elements
Module 2 Light in the dark
Making the most of the winter light – and darkness
Unit 1 Light in the Dark
Unit 2 Shooting tips
Unit 3 Editing tips & tricks
Unit 4 Extra creative: Painting with Light
Unit 5 An interview with Freya Dowson
Unit 6 Challenge
Module 3 A sense of home
digging into what ‘cozy’ means, and how we can make our viewers really feel
Unit 1 A sense of home
Unit 2 The components of cozy
Unit 3 Extra creative: Photographing steam & smoke
Unit 4 An Interview
Unit 5 A sense of home - Challenge
Module 4 A winter’s tale
Whimsy, juxtaposition and storytelling in both captions and images
Unit 1 A Winter's tale
Unit 2 Visual Storytelling
Unit 3 the secrets of thumb-stopping imagery
Unit 4 Extra-creative: creative image manipulation on your phone
Unit 5 Prompting ideas
Unit 6 Challenge - A winter's tale


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