It’s much too easy to let my blog & instagram slide into being part of the ‘perfect life’ myth – that idea that everyone else has everything great, & you’re the only one dealing with the crap. So, to redress the balance:

  • I have really bad anxiety. I sometimes cancel plans because leaving the house seems too overwhelming that day. I freak out about filling in forms or phoning my car insurance provider or going to the Post Office. I have a real talent for leaping to the terrible conclusions & convincing everyone around me of it too, and meeting new people = GAHHHH.
  • I’m the sleepiest person I know – & it’s exhausting! If I have a free hour I get back into bed, & am secretly resentful of anything that drags me away from it. Sometimes I exaggerate how badly Orla’s slept to people to justify my tiredness, but the truth is I’ve always been this sleepy & she sleeps like an angel.
  • My laundry backlog is currently huge. I reckon it will take about 5 loads to clear it. Gotta sort that. After a nap.
  • I’m awful at replying to text messages. I blame a combination of #1 & #2 for this, but possibly I’m just a flake.
  • I never have any money. I just love buying stuff too much, & am awful at saving or living frugally. If it were more socially acceptable I would probably list ‘buying things from the Zara website’ as one of my main hobbies.
  • I’m perpetually late. See #2.
  • Orla’s current favourite thing to do is watch youtube videos on my phone. I don’t even know how this happened.
  • I gave up on all of my dreams. Any sort of ambition was always mocked in my family, & career aspirations dismissed as ‘delusions of grandeur’. Now I realise I should never have given up so easily, & am quietly trying to get back on track. I always wanted to write fiction, so that’s what I’m doing. From my bed. 

Dare to share your life imperfections too?