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If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, create the best images you can to find & engage with your true audience, you’re in the right place.

I’m not one of those corporate ‘social media experts’.

I’m a photographer and a creative with an analytical mind and a tendency towards obsessive interests. That’s how I grew my Instagram account to over 200k followers and counting. That’s how I’ve helped my clients make it happen too.

I want to share with you not only the how, but the why. We’ll focus as much on the creative process and producing beautiful, emotive, expressive content as any tips, strategies and tricks. Because it takes both of these to really stand out and make it big. It takes your heart and your mind – and I promise you, it’s worth the effort.

Hashtags for Instagram

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Hashtagging your Instagram content remains one of the  best ways to gain exposure with new audiences and maximise visibility and engagement.  The trick is keeping up to date with an ever evolving selection of seasonal, topical and relevant tags, tapping into what users are actively engaging with,

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Instagram Advice

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Instagram is the fastest growing of all social media platforms, with 400 million monthly active users worldwide – half of whom are under the age of twenty-five. While some use the app as a personal networking tool, many also use it to build their creative business endeavours; whether in food and drink or fashion and lifestyle.

Hashtag Authentic draws on the lessons I’ve learned over the past five years to provide you with tips, advice and guidance on how to turn their personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet. From visual storytelling and improving photography skills to archiving day-to-day life and changing the work/life balance, this book is both an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding an online voice, growing a tribe and becoming an influencer.

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Monthly twitter chat

The Instachat is a monthly twitter chat to share problems, ideas & inspiration with the wider community.

It takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 8pm GMT over on Twitter. It’s a chance to share tips, complaints, problems and to socialise in a different way – if you’ve ever struggled to make real connections through Instagram, then The Insta Chat might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

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Hashtag Authentic

A Podcast for Creatives Online


Each week we dig into the different aspects of sharing creative work online, and talk to the people who are making it work for themselves and their businesses. From the practical to the philopshopical, Hashtag Authentic covers all areas of online creative life to dose you up on inspiration & information, and help you feel a lot less alone.

Video Tutorials

& some dreamy little vlogs


Some things are just best shown in motion – so despite my terror of talking to a camera, I’ve begun to share some videos over on my YouTube channel…