Most worn – Autumn Winter 2015/6


(Last Spring/Summer here).

Cashmere tunic dress in black & grey. Basically this entire post should just contain these dresses from Boden, because I LIVE in them. The only reason I ever wear anything else is because they need washing – which fortunately can be done on a regular machine cycle without any problems or signs of wear. I usually pair them with tights in the opposite colour, boots in the same, or if i’m feeling fancy, a pair of leggings. Soft, snuggly, cosy and glam – why would I wear anything else?!

Star Wars tee, Topshop. I don’t think I need to explain this, do I? It’s nice and long too!

Zara coat. Similar here and here. This wool coat is unlined, which has been a bit of a revelation – it sits better across my petite shoulders, doesn’t make me feel like I’m wrapped in sixty layers of fabric and isn’t unbearably warm the minute I step into a shop. Teamed with my cashmere tunic uniform, I was actually stopped on the street by a woman who wanted to tell me how chic and well put together I looked!! I think I laughed in her face…

Leather-look leggings, MangoSold out – similar. Pleather *stifles giggles*. These are remarkably practical – stretchy, wind-proof, waterproof, wipe clean… PVC has come a long way since my teenage years, and I’d even go so far as to call these babies comfy!

Mango blouse – loose & romantic, I like it contrasted with torn jeans or leatherish leggings. It’s pretty much my fave.

Black Boots. I tend to wear them with the zips down, for the fun flash colour and because sloppy and loose is how I roll.

Zara tunics – longer than the cashmere dresses above, but with deep slits up the sides showing too much leg to wear alone, I pair these with leggings for days working away in cafes.

Grey boots To stop me slipping into all-black outfits; to go with lighter coloured dresses. These get slightly less wear than the black as they require a smidge more thought and consideration, but they’re still a definite favourite.

Wool cape. I didn’t expect to wear this quite as much as I have – it’s not grey, and I mainly chose it for blustery walks on the moors. It turns out, however, that it’s brilliant for everything – sitting in cafes working, mooching about at home, shopping, napping… Orla calls it ‘mummy’s blanket’ and requests it whenever she’s feeling cold, proof that it is completely soft and unprickly despite being pure wool. Presumably through witchcraft and dark arts, I guess.

the world’s best leggings. Have I previously declared my love for Boden leggings? Maybe. Now I’ve finally invested in the full colour range, and they’re every bit as blissful. The only downside is this batch aren’t washing v well and starting to pill, but I’m willing to upgrade again at the end of the season.

Yawn dreamcoat – As soon as I get home, it’s dreamcoat time. I find myself sleeping in it, making excuses to change into loungewear at 3pm just so I can wear it some more. It’s like a cuddle and a jedi robe and a duvet, all in one, and it’s super pretty to boot. What more could anyone ask for? Nothing. Just to be allowed to wear it to work.

Desperately seeking:

  • The ultimate long snuggly grey cardigan. I have a summer version in cotton that I depend on, but I can’t seem to find the perfect winter companion…
  • Joggers juuuust the right side of casual to be acceptable day wear. I’ve been eyeing up several pairs on Aritzia but after making quite a few expensive mistakes from UK stores, I’m a bit nervous to commit with the faff of transatlantic shipping…

What have you been wearing over the last few months? Do you wear a good mix from your wardrobe, or like me does it tend to be the same 20%? I’d love to hear!