my work-from-home essentials

my work from home essentials

I like to work from the kitchen table.
Sure, we actually have two desks in our house, with dedicated shelving space too, but that doesn’t work for me. I mean, one is basically just a home for the mountain of stuff I really need to sort out, and the other is in the coldest part of the house. The kitchen has great light, sourdough toast, a kettle to hand and the warmth of the AGA. So, kitchen table it is.

Because of this, I need a work set up that is neat & compact, easy to tidy away in a rush – when it’s time to eat pasta together, or when Orla suddenly decides to make glittery pictures.
It needs to be portable, too, for the days when I work from a train/cafe/layby on the moors or – lets be honest here – my bed, in pyjamas, because I can.
And finally – but no less importantly – it has to be beautiful. I’m a visual person, in a visual job; having a desk set up that inspires and motivates me helps keeps me in a positive and happy mood. Anything that keeps me productive and wanting to be at my desk is a worthwhile investment, as far as I’m concerned – and if it’s tax deductible, so much the better ?.

So here is my ‘office in a pile’, as I tend to think of it. I’m writing from this exact set up, right now.

working from home

my work from home essentials

Macbook. I don’t need to explain this, do I? Please don’t ask me about the technical specification – it’s not the new one that doesn’t have USB slots, & that’s all I know. Given the unreliability of AirDrop, I’m still suspicious of wireless technology. 

Leather macbook case. Pretty, water resistant, hard-wearing and my favourite shade of nudey-pink. It’s just getting lovelier and lovelier with use, and will outlast every laptop I ever own, I suspect.

Get to work book. I’ve mentioned this before – this is my second year using this planner and I find it a great help in structuring my time & thoughts. I love the project breakdown pages and the generous space for daily to-dos. The monthly focus and review questions really help me narrow my thoughts and stay on path, too. 

Leather pencil wrap. Filled with whatever I haven’t lost to Orla that week, but always a heap of HB pencils, some Staedtler Handrwititng pens in black and some Paperways sticky notes.

Vool laptop stand. Working from a laptop is a killer for your back. After a ton of research I chose this stand for its ECO credentials, it’s super sassy design and the fact that I can store all my shiz inside it when I’m not at my desk. Genius, right? It’s also great for working on my lap on the sofa or in bed.

BU water bottle. Whenever I’m working I try to hydrate – it’s partly a POTS thing but also really just a great way to stay clear headed and well. This bottle by new startup BU uses a stick of charcoaled bamboo as a purifying filter, and it REALLY ACTUALLY makes tap water taste nice! I start every day eyeing it dubiously and then take a sip and realise, ‘hey, this is delicious and exactly what my body wants!’ I try and drink a full two bottles while Orla is at school, because life is a game and I like to make up rules ;).

Oree bluetooth keyboard & case. Essential for working from the laptop stand unless you want your arms but to snap off or something, I originally bought this keyboard to use with my iPad before it was stolen by Orla.  Since switching to the Vool-and-macbook combo it’s got more use than ever, and I’m now eyeing up the matching track pad they make because honestly, it’s so pretty, and maybe I need it a lot.


work from home


Do you work from home? What makes up your portable – or permanent – office space?