notes for my daughter – Songbirds


You were born with a mind like a faiytale forest, filled with every imaginable species, and some even beyond that. A rainbow of feathers, a cacophony of song.

& every day as you grow, we lose a bird or two. Like conservationists, we try to choose what is most important, to focus our limited resources for preservation.
So we protect independence, say, but maybe creativity takes a hit; we nurture self-belief, but something quiet and nameless slips away while our backs are turned.

Now that invasive species called pink has been introduced; we don’t know where it came from, but it’s begun to twist its sticky-sweet tentacles around your mind. Now everything is princesses and pretty and I didn’t want this for you – if only because, before you were so un-self-concious. The delicate eco-system you came with has been polluted, and a little evolution is taking place.

I’m being dramatic, of course; we can’t grow up without losing our childish naiveté, and you’re building brilliant new thoughts and skills in its place. There are worse things than pink; even I came out the other side.
But you came into this world believing anything was possible, and it’s a strange & sad process to watch you wise up.


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