Notes for my Daughter

Not sure it’s really possible to fast-track wisdom, but in case it is, & in case I get hit by a bus, etc, an ongoing list:
  • Read! It doesn’t matter what – it will make your thoughts clearer, your mood lighter & your spelling better.
  • Everyone thinks they are a good driver. Most of the time they are wrong.
  • Perfection is not sustainable. Aim instead for ‘good enough’.
  • Avoid black & white thinking at all costs.
  • If in doubt, paint it white.
  • Just because it’s written in a newspaper, doesn’t make it true.
  • Media- & porn-style sex is rarely sexy or fun. Do not let the money-makers dictate your sexuality.
  • Never let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you what to do.
  • Face your fears & your hardest feelings head on. You can only delay them for so long, & they get bigger while you ignore them.
  • Don’t obsess over other people’s opinions.
  • You are not your body. You have a body.
  • Stay creative. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t very good at it, just keep creating.
  • Paris is always a good idea.
  • Curiosity can quash sadness or fear.
  • Try to keep in mind what the animal in you would do; listen to your instincts when it comes to food, parenting, relationships, sleep.
  • Plant things and watch them grow. It helps with patience.
  • Learn when to say, ‘that’s your shit’.
  • Spoil the people you love whenever you think to. Tell them why you love them.
  • Don’t quit your day dream.
  • Remember that 99.9% of negativity, bitchiness, rudeness and criticism comes from people’s own insecurity and unhappiness. The more awesome you are, the more you will attract this.
  • Always strive to live with less. The most important things aren’t things at all. 

More to come, when it occurs to me…