Obsessed with Cinemagraphs

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Have you heard of cinemagraphs? I’ve gone all obsessed. I see them in every scene; pull over at the sight of a horse, yelling apologies over my shoulder as I abandon my family in the car. ‘CINEMAGRAPH ALL THE THINGS!’

A little bit extreme, I’ll grant you, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself it’s that obsessions bring awesome results. I mean, Mark Hamill DMd me about his underwear last week! Anyway. I digress.
Cinemagraphs (I persist in calling them ‘cinemagrams’, which is wrong) have been around a little while now. Somewhere between video and photographs, they capture a small moving element in a larger, photographic scene.

I first encountered them about a year ago via this article & was transfixed. Immediately these moving pictures sprung to the top of my ‘want to create list’, where they promptly languished for a year while I failed to find the time, energy or courage to actually tackle a new skill.

In the continued absence of any of those things, I’ve begun making them on the hop. In fact, so far I’ve only used my iPhone, despite having everything I need to have a step up to higher quality (& greater accuracy!). As a result, much of what you see here is flawed, but in tribute to learning curves & killing perfectionism, I’m sharing them anyway ???.

I’ve been using Flixel to create my cinemagraphs (Not cinemagrams. Not cinemagrams.). It’s priced for professionals, which means in a similar bracket to Photoshop etc, but they offer a free trial of both the app and desktop software before purchase. I fluttered my eyelashes at them a bit and convinced them to give me a discount code for anyone interested, too – use ORLAANDFLIXEL to get 20% off .? 

I’m also co-judging their #mysummerthrowback competition over on Instagram this month – the winner gets a Flixel Annual Plan including all of the apps, or some cool Apple prizes. (Not sponsored – just mutual appreciation! ?).

What do you guys think? Are you as intrigued as I am, or totally un-arsed? Should I share a bit more about how to make them, or my continued experiments in getting better at it?