Orla’s not-pink nursery


It’s not that I’m anti-pink per se… I guess I just don’t want O to grow up thinking it’s her only option.

& besides, we already have a lot of pink. Everyone buys pink when you have a baby girl, & though I’d always planned to dress her in white & grey & brown & blue, the pink stuff is nice too so we ended up getting a little waylaid. 

& the toys! as Orla’s first birthday approaches I can already hear Barbie & the Disney princess baying at our door. They’re brandishing torches of candyfloss and chanting ‘Pink to make the boys wink!’. 

The truth is, my tiny newborn is already nearly a whole year old & the outside world, in all of its wonderfulness and all of its awfulness will soon be making its mark; sinking it’s boots into her pristine, perfect snow.  

I don’t know how a not-pink nursery helps with this. Probably it doesn’t. But it’s somewhere nice to hide away together; it’s bright even on the darkest of days and it’s a good place to concentrate on the important work of playing.

Bed, wardrobe & foresty blanket from Ikea.
Lampshade is from eBay.
Hat, suitcase & rose blanket are vintage – the blanket is from the 40s and the wool has turned so soft & snuggly.
Wallpaper is by Galerie.

  Not pink, & not a nursery either really. We just use it as a playroom, as an Orla-clothes-storage-room & for occasional daytime snuggles & naps. Maybe that is a nursery, I’m not really sure. There’s time enough for big girl bedrooms in the future, anyway – in whatever colour she wants them to be.