some people I’ve known


Some people I have known:

The teacher from a middle class family who only values guardian-reading, university educated adults in white-collar professions

The always-immaculate mama who describes in scathing detail what other mothers were wearing that day at the school gates.

The ‘has it all’ wife who temporarily befriends anyone with a share of the limelight, be it through talent or illness or misfortune

The friend who prides herself on delivering blunt, no-frills, often harsh opinions, but is furious and secretly devastated when criticised herself.

I’m listing their foibles of course – these women had plenty of wonderful characteristics too. But in the end, I stopped returning their calls, because of something they all shared in common, and I’m not sure I know what that thing is.
I just know that life became a competition around them, and I would leave their company feeling irritable and insecure.

Have you met any of these characters? Can you help me to figure it all out a little more?