Pink is the colour of my little girl’s happiness;

Pink is the colour of her princess dress.

Pink is the colour of the ’95 champagne that’s chilling in my fridge.

 As a mum to a 3-year-old girl, I fight a constant, quiet battle to keep the level of pink in our lives to a sensible level. I’m not anti-pink, per se (as any friend who remembers my extensive noughties pink kitchenware collection can attest); I’m just trying to maintain a little equilibrium.
 Maybe it’s my eyes re-adjusting to reality after a whole week out with flu, but the world’s looking pretty rosy right now, & I can’t say I mind.

A week of pink things:

  1.  Cherry blossom in London, because obvs.
  2.  The best pink icing. 1 mashed strawberry + icing sugar. Ideal for three-year-old emergencies.
  3.  This 50s prom dress. I never wear it, so I’m making it earn it’s keep as a photo prop.
  4.  When roses die in the most spectacular way.
  5. An Orla-care-package from France, from my lovely friend at Mise En Scene.
  6. 15 minutes perched on a sunny window sill with a cup of tea & the latest Oh Comely.
  7. Grown up trainers, from the Zara kids range. No regrets.
  8. Orla came home from a day out with these frilly pink roses for me. Apparently her first choice was neon orange plastic flowers, but she was gently guided away.