How are you getting on with your New Years resolutions?

I ask because I am kicking ass with mine! Sorry, not very modest but then modesty is so 2013…

The biggest change for me has been around ‘selfishness’. I’m no Mother Theresa, but probably like a lot of women with low self esteem, I can find it difficult to put my own needs first.  As a mama, I’ve found this makes it hard to assert Orla’s needs, too.

Yet it seems like most people don’t have any trouble asking for what they need/want. Which works fine when everyone does the same, but when you get a fawning sap like me trying to please everyone else, it becomes very unbalanced.

So, I am being more selfish asserting my needs, and it’s difficult, but brilliant! I’m reading books again. Books! I’m writing, and chasing dreams, and drinking the last glass of wine sometimes, and saying ‘sorry, I can’t do that’ and then not doing it! Amazing!

Is it just me? Does anyone else struggle with this? Or are you good at helping yourself to what you need, knowing you help other people too?