Show & Tell: January

January in iPhone snaps…

1. WE HAVE A WEDDING VENUE! PHEW – with only seven months to go, that was feeling kind of close. It’s a big, beautiful cowshed on a big, messy old farm, and I’m suddenly VERY excited to wed this fella of mine.

2. The first snowfall of winter came, meaning the first snow in Orla’s memory – though she enjoyed it last winter, she’s since forgotten it happened. We (I) made a snowman, which apparently wasn’t big enough so she kicked it down again. Such a baddie.

3. Sunlight. It’s been so long, I half expected Orla to ask what the yellow glowing day-moon was for.

4. I’ve finally, reluctantly, gone totally caffeine-free. It wasn’t really a choice – for some reason, even a single cup of tea now gives me heart palpitations & feelings of doom, & it just isn’t worth the stress. Decaf coffee is awesome, but surprisingly few places stock decent decafinated tea – does anyone have any recommendations?

5. Me & Luke, adventuring. Just so we’re clear, this project is very tongue-in-cheek, & is maybe taking a slight swipe at our propensity to tell little white life-lies through social media. Plus, I find it really, really funny. ? Stay tuned for occasional updates on our romantic adventures together… ?

A little love

Hurray, The Future Kept are back in my sidebar, and they’re stocking my favourite pot of botanical magic, the green balm! It’s a cleanser, it’s a healing balm, it’s a lip balm – it’s even magic cream for grazed knees & bumped toddler elbows. In case you can’t tell – I love this stuff.

Hello to the Wildflower illustration Co, my newest sidebar sponsor. I’m the proud new owner of this Art of Good Coffee print, which is both beautiful and educational – even in my new decaff capacity!

At Number 67 is a collection of all the things I love, covet and need, and quite a few things I already own! Included in that is this Paris Elevations print by Studio Esinam and I’m seriously coveting this rustic little stool.

Lo + Behold have had a spring restock of loveliness, including this rattan lounger chair by Hubsch. Lovelovelove its simplicity and lightness! #mineplease

coffee print by Wildflower Illustration
coffee print by Wildflower Illustration


On the off chance you’re not already sick of me, you’ll find a few updated links over on my press page to various projects I’ve been involved in recently, including a feature in the beautiful Koronette magazine, and my latest piece for Standard Issue.


& that’s it! A quiet month over here, which makes a nice change. How’s 2016 treating you so far? Hope you’ve had a great January x