#StayHome Photo Challenge – The Rainbow

What an amazing and heartwarming response to last week’s prompt! Within minutes of the email landing I was being tagged in creations on Instagram. No two are the same, all crammed full of narrative and real life and our beautiful humanness. As Lindsay said in her comment on the last challenge, “so many are looking for online community and influencers sharing places to find it… but this feels like real community”. I hope it feels that way for you, too.

This week’s prompt is inspired by the wonderful rainbows we’ve seen folks adding to their windows and homes in recent weeks, and by the email I received after sharing this photo in last week’s email from somebody who said it made them feel strangely emotional.

​So here’s what we’re going to do:

The Challenge

​Set a timer for 15 minutes and create your own interpretation of the image above.
If you live in a flat and/or don’t have a doorstep it might be a little more challenging, but it’s just another opportunity for creativity: try using a doormat, a threshold, or a garden gate. Make it your own and tell us your story.


Socks. Or shoes, or slippers, or bare feet – yours, or a little person’s? Whose story is this photo going to tell? My mismatched socks probably tell you a fair amount about me and my approach to life – what can your footwear choices tell us about you? Make it personal and fun.


​Let’s make a rainbow. Orla drew mine in coloured chalk but you can make yours in any number of ways. Flower petals; coloured paper; a rainbow on a book book cover; drawn on to an empty photo in an iphone app. A selection of random objects in a variety of colours. A painting laid on the floor. Light through a prism throwing a beautiful rainbow onto the floor.


​Get your vantage point. Like with last week’s challenge, the angle you hold your phone or camera at here will determine how much we see. With us all stuck at home right now I’m really drawn to sharing a glimpse of the indoor/outdoor divide: that subtle line in our home that determines where we’re safe to be, and where we’re maybe not.
Pay attention to symmetry and straight lines here too – notice how my feet and the rainbow are central to the shot, but other elements like the door keep it from feeling too perfect or tidy.



Edit and share! Only if you want to, or course. You can tag me on Instagram @me_and_orla, and use the tag #15MinuteMagic – I’ll feature as many of my faves as possible on my Stories and blog.​

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