The Sunday Project

Sundays are for escaping the city & breathing fresh, green air.

But first there is breakfast – lazy, always with plural cups of tea, all three of us at the table & The Archers omnibus in the background.  Sometimes I make pancakes & we can’t eat them fast enough, so we take turns standing at the cooker while O waves hers around in delight. Everything smells of coffee & maple syrup & the windows fog with condensation & the sky is blue.

In the car, I’m quiet. I look out the window & try not to think about the Monday pushing it’s face up against these precious Sunday hours together.

Sometimes it rains, & I’m sad. It’s ok, he says, & this time he makes the plans and he takes me to run outside in wellies & my impractical but pretty lacy raincoat, with Orla nestled cozy in her pram. & whatever the weather, regardless, Montydog gallops like a miniature pony set free & chases squirrels and finds a stick to carry home.

I always thought Sundays were bleak, & was even a little but scared of them coming around. Now they’re my favourite & my best. 

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