Vlog: a little trip to London


The first time I was invited to a fancy London press event, I felt a little bit lost. What is a press day? What is press day etiquette? WHAT should I WEAR to a press day?! Cue a frantic, fruitless google search, & a fair bit of social anxiety.

So, for the panicked or the curious, I thought I would share some answers.

If I’m honest, i’m still not sure I really belong in the glitzy press day world. I always feel like I’m sneaking about amongst infinitely more capable & shiny-haired people – albeit in my very glittery gold Lotta clogs, so I can run super-fast should they ask me to return my champagne & goody bag.


So anyway, I made a little vlog; a vicarious trip to London with me & Spud.
I’ve never made a video of any sort before, so apologies for all the rubbish bits, and that awkward attempt at talking to the camera in the middle. Also, the second half is mainly just indulgent clips of Orla being adorbs, and I’m not even sorry.

All that being said, please watch it anyway, because I spent actual hours figuring this crap out, & I’ll probably cry if nobody clicks…

a little London trip from Sara Tasker on Vimeo.


HOURS, I tell you.
(thanks x)